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The Industries we serve

Industrial & Consumer Products

The Consumer & Industrial Products Industry group provides integrated services to member firm clients across the entire value chain.


Manufacturers are often in the business of balancing trade-offs: revenue enhancement and cost containment; customization and standardization.

Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Alternative Energy.

Public Sector

ConsultingWP brings an unmatched breadth and depth of public and private sector experience to help address your mission-critical needs.

Financial Services

Services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the Banking & Securities, Insurance, and Investment Management sectors.

Real Estate

Real estate industry practice is a recognized leader in providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to the commercial.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Our professionals guide traditional health care and life science companies and new market entrants in navigating the complexities of the US.

Media and Technology

One of the world’s largest group of specialists respected for helping shape many of the world’s most recognized brands and helping those brands.

How we can help



Developing effective strategies for foundations and nonprofits that apply our clients’ resources to maximum potential. For businesses, we create strategies to deliver economic success from social impact.

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Working closely with our clients to develop action plans that fuse strategy with stakeholder realities and staying on the case through full implementation all the way to measurable impact.

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Using evaluation to facilitate organisation and community learning, make strategic decisions, and take informed action.

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You want to change the world. We’re here to help.

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  • El problema de la deuda es de principios y valores

    Cada vez que nosotros tomamos una decisión consciente o inconscientemente, Consultamos nuestros  principios y valores, las decisiones que tomamos tienen consecuencias, unas inmediatas y otras toman más tiempo por eso nos cuesta asociarlas a nuestros valores y principios.Cuando nuestros valores son buenos los frutos son buenos y cuando son malos, bueno ya sabemos cómo nos va,

    5 mayo, 2019


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